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Insights from the Experts

When you bring fresh salmon home from the market, understanding the best preparation methods is crucial for both safety and flavor. Here’s how you should handle salmon, with professional insights from The Ribeye Club.

Expert Advice

Rinsing salmon before cooking is generally advised against by food safety experts. This practice can increase the risk of spreading bacteria through water splashes, which can contaminate your kitchen surfaces and other foods.

Regardless of whether you choose wild or farmed salmon, the recommendation holds firm: you should not rinse the fish.This practice helps to minimize the risk of spreading bacteria.


Choosing the Best Salmon

Selecting high-quality seafood is essential for enjoying the best flavors and ensuring food safety. The Ribeye Club proudly offers our Wild Seafood Collection, which features 100% Wild-Caught, never farmed selections, including our premium salmon. All seafood in this collection is sustainably harvested without the use of antibiotics, GMOs, or additives, ensuring a pure and environmentally responsible choice.

The Ribeye Club Advice: “For selections like our salmon, look for indicators of peak freshness such as a moist appearance and fresh scent. Our entire Wild Seafood Collection is nutrient-rich, full of flavor, and frozen at the peak of freshness to preserve its natural qualities and nutrients without the need for rinsing.”

Preparing Salmon for Cooking

Cooking salmon properly begins with how you handle it

Skin Management

Cooking salmon skin-side down without rinsing allows the skin to become delightfully crispy. If you prefer to remove the skin, use a sharp knife on dry salmon, possibly chilled in the refrigerator to firm it up.

Cooking Temperature

According to USDA guidelines, salmon should be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure safety and quality.


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