Stephanos G. - Sept 13 2022

Why are Specialty Steaks
considered Premium Meats?


If you consider yourself a steak aficionado or just love eating steak, you are probably always on the prowl for the best ribeye, fillet mignon, or strip steaks the market has to offer. These three popular cuts rule the steak world when it comes to flavor and texture. These rib and loin steak cuts may be okay for that special occasion but can become rather expensive for your everyday steak lover.

At some point, you will probably find yourself asking the question. Is there other steak cuts out there that I am missing? And the answer to that question is a definite yes. At The Ribeye Club, a premium meat supplier in Cyprus, we call it our specialty steak range also known as our butcher’s cuts. Let's shed some light on the topic by expanding on this range a bit further so that next time that steak craving hits, you’ll have a lot more than just three options.  

Zabuton - Luxury in the Making

First on our list is the Zabuton steak also known as Denver steak. Let’s start with why it is called Zabuton or Denver steak. Quite simply, Zabuton is what it is known as in Japan, whereas it is called Denver Steak in the USA. There is absolutely no difference in the cut, taste, or texture when sourced from our premium meats selection.

The Zabuton is starting to emerge as a popular choice on the global food scene but is still relatively unknown to most. This cut comes from the chuck region of the cow, located between the neck and the ribs. While chuck cuts are known to be tougher the Zabuton is definitely an exception. Because there is limited movement in the part of the shoulder that the Zabuton comes from, it has more marbling and is surprisingly very tender.

When correctly prepared this premium butcher’s cut is definitely a crowd pleaser. At the Ribeye Club, we recommend grilling or searing this delicious piece of meat, generously seasoned with salt and pepper for taste.

Hanger Steak - The Real Butchers Cut

The hanger steak is a unique cut for more reasons than one. There is only one hanging tender per butchered animal. In the past, the butchers would take this cut home and everything about this steak remained his secret for a long time.

In some circles, it is known as the hanging tenderloin because it hangs just below the tenderloin, hence the name. It is cut from the plate between the rib and tenderloin in the lower belly of the carcass.

It is best known for its use in Mexican food and is also a favorite in France and England. From our long-standing experience in the premium meats space, we can confirm that the hanger steak is a tender specialty cut that will meet all your expectations of a premium steak. Its rich meaty taste is enjoyed best after being prepared on hot coals.

While hanger steak may be scarce from your local butchery, at The Ribeye Club we can deliver this butcher's favorite directly to your door, anywhere in Cyprus.

Flank Steak - Demystified

Flank steak is exactly as the name suggests and comes from the flank of the animal. It links to the abdominal muscles and is situated just under the loin.

It is commonly called London Broil in some parts. To avoid confusion, London Broil is not a beef cut but rather a method commonly used to cook flank steak and other lean cuts. It basically means cooking your lean steak under the scorching heat. Another popular way to prepare flank steak is pan-seared and finished on medium heat in the oven.

Flank steak is a lean beef cut with an intensely beefy flavor and a well-defined grain structure with almost no fat. The last thing you want to do with this piece of meat is overcooked it, as it would render it tough and chewy - a nasty steak experience.

Tri-tip & Bavette Steaks

Tri-tip gets its name from its distinctive triangular shape. The beef from the bottom sirloin of the hindquarter of the cow is sliced into triangular steaks. Similar to the bavette steak, it is a cut from the bottom sirloin. Though different, they both have good marbling and their own impressive steaky markers.

The Bavette muscle is the larger of the two and weighs between 3.5 and 4 pounds, is longer, and narrower at both ends. According to our experience as a respected premium meats supplier in Cyprus, Bavette is best enjoyed when it is sliced more thinly and prepared like flank steak.

Tri-tip, on the other hand, is smaller, it usually weighs about three pounds and is best-prepared whole. Also known as a California Cut because it is often smoked in that part of the world, the way you would an American brisket. Another popular way to prepare this beautiful cut is over a medium two-phased coal grill. It requires indirect heat for about 45 minutes to an hour to cook to perfection.

Other Butchers Cut Options - Teres Major & Outside Skirt Steak

If you love fillet mignon, teres major, also known as shoulder tender, may be the perfect alternative. It is packed with just as much flavor and tenderness at usually a fraction of the price.

 Outside skirt steak has excellent marbling rendering it juicy and delicious. It is the perfect steak for fajitas, sandwiches, and tacos. One of its distinct characteristics is its coarse grain profile, making it the perfect steak for holding marinades.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, exactly why our speciality steaks are considered premium meats. It's never only about price, but more about flavour, texture and tenderness. So next time that steak craving hits you, check what the Ribeye Club has in store for you.

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