How to Cook: Tomahawk (Reverse-seared method)
🎥 How to Cook: Tomahawk Steak 🥩 ⠀ ⠀
Grill weekends, this time it’s 1 kg of Australian Tomahawk from The Ribeye Club ⠀
Here is how I cooked it:⠀
1) Remove from the fridge and pat it dry
2) Season as you like (normally I just go with salt, pepper and garlic but this time I added a kick off @hardcorecarnivore ⠀
3) Let it rest and heat up your grill⠀
4) Cook, I went with the tried and true reverse sear method, insert the thermometer into the steak and place it on indirect heat.⠀
5) I cooked it like that until it hit 95-100f degrees, turning once.⠀
6) Take the steak off and fire up all burners to high, time to sear.⠀
7) Place the meat back on the scorching grill and sear, make sure to keep an eye out on flare ups, no grease fires needed during the cook.⠀
8) Cook until you hit 125f for the rare to medium rare, take it off and let it rest. Feel free to cook it for higher temps if you want it medium or higher yet if you want to ruin it.⠀ ⠀
Feel free to hit me up if you have any question
Check out the Cooking video on the link below