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American Wagyu Striploin (6731405656247)
American Wagyu Striploin
Sale priceFrom €65,00 Regular price€79,00
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T-Bone Dry Aged Galician (6676340605111)
T-Bone Dry Aged Galician
Sale price€27,25 Regular price€30,00
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Côte de Bœuf (Ribeye on the Bone) Dry Aged Galician (6662874202295)
Côte de Bœuf (Ribeye on the Bone) Dry Aged Galician
Sale price€26,90 Regular price€30,00
Save 13%
Tomahawk Dry Aged Iberico Beef (6662882263223)
Tomahawk Dry Aged Iberico Beef
Sale price€39,90 Regular price€45,90
Save 20%
Lamb Shanks New Zealand (6732981141687)Lamb Shanks New Zealand (6732981141687)
Lamb Shanks New Zealand
Sale price€11,90 Regular price€14,90
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Lamb Rack New Zealand (6645090681015)
Lamb Rack New Zealand
Sale price€33,90 Regular price€39,90
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Kobe Creations Japanese Wagyu (6644606402743)
Kobe Creations Japanese Wagyu
Sale priceFrom €37,60 Regular price€40,60
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Foie Gras (6645115682999)
Foie Gras
Sale price€41,50 Regular price€52,00
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Skirt Steak (6644640612535)
Skirt Steak
Sale price€37,00 Regular price€42,35
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Iberico Secreto (6644966588599)
Iberico Secreto
Sale priceFrom €18,50 Regular price€21,50
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Yellowfin Tuna (Sushi Grade) (6645109653687)
Yellowfin Tuna (Sushi Grade)
Sale price€12,75 Regular price€17,55
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Chicken Bresse Royal (Premium) (6645004271799)Chicken Bresse Royal (Premium) (6645004271799)
Chicken Bresse Royal (Premium)
Sale price€32,95 Regular price€36,95
Save 22%
Mangalica Collar (6663008157879)
Mangalica Collar
Sale price€31,00 Regular price€39,50

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