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Salmon Fillets (in sweet miso sauce) (8442209337682)
Salmon Fillets (in sweet miso sauce)
Sale price€15,50 Regular price€20,00
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Black Cod (in sweet miso marinade) (8442166051154)
Black Cod Grilled (in sweet miso marinade)
Sale price€21,75 Regular price€24,50
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Unagi Kabayaki (8671539626322)
Unagi Kabayaki
Sale price€12,75 Regular price€18,00
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Katsuo Tataki (seared Skipjack Tuna) (8570317865298)
Katsuo Tataki (seared Skipjack Tuna)
Sale price€27,00 Regular price€33,00
Maguro O-Toro (Blue Fin Tuna) (8442181419346)
Maguro O-Toro (Blue Fin Tuna)
Sale price€38,00
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Tuna Tartar (Defrosted) (8502455894354)
Tuna Tartar
Sale price€22,50 Regular price€25,00
Tako (Boiled octopus tentacles) (8570315047250)
Tako (Boiled octopus tentacles)
Sale price€16,75
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Takoyaki (Octopus Balls) (8442170147154)
Takoyaki (Octopus Balls)
Sale price€18,50 Regular price€20,50
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Red Perch Fillets (8442196525394)
Red Perch Fillets
Sale priceFrom €16,00 Regular price€25,00
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Sake sashimi (Salmon Sashimi) (8442179387730)
Sake sashimi (Salmon Sashimi)
Sale price€14,50
Suzuki Sashimi (Seabass sashimi) (8442178535762)
Suzuki Sashimi (Seabass Sashimi)
Sale price€15,00
Shio Saba (Salted Mackerel) (8442169033042)
Shio Saba (Salted Mackerel)
Sale price€13,75
Mackerel fillets dried (in sweet soy sauce) (8570305708370)
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Mackerel fillets (in Korean miso sauce) (8570302234962)
Mackerel fillets (in Korean miso sauce)
Sale price€13,75 Regular price€16,75
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Carpaccio Octopus (Cooked) (8570331038034)
Carpaccio Octopus Tentacles (Cooked)
Sale price€12,00 Regular price€19,00
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Carpaccio Cod (8570342605138)
Carpaccio Cod
Sale price€9,50 Regular price€14,00
Japanese Miso (Soybean Paste) (8442176176466)
Japanese Miso (Soybean Paste)
Sale price€22,50
Mekabu (Seaweed) (8442175127890)
Mekabu (Seaweed)
Sale price€10,00
Wakame (Seaweed salad) (8442174210386)
Wakame (Seaweed salad)
Sale price€8,75
Kakiage  Vegetable and fish tempura) (8442172178770)
Kakiage (Vegetable & Fish Tempura)
Sale price€13,50