How to Cook: Ribeye Steaks
How to Cook: Ribeye Steaks 🥩 ⠀

Grill weekends, this time we gonna grill some proper USDA ribeye steaks from The Ribeye Club with a touch of fresh chimichuri.

Here is how I cooked it:⠀
1) Remove from the fridge and pat the meat dry

2) Trim the fat but don’t throw it, freeze it to use for delicious stock later

3) Tie the steaks with the buthcher’s twine

4) Season as you like, personally I used smoked salt, freshly ground black pepper and garlic

5) Let the meat rest and prepare the chimichuri in the meantime

6) Combine the following ingredients:
- Chopped onion
- Crushed garlic
- Cilantro
- Parsley
- Oregano
- Chilli flakes
- Coarse salt
- Olive oil
- Vinegar
- Lemon juice

7) Cook, heat up the grill to medium high and cook for 6 minutes. For a cross hatch, flip the steak 4 times, 1.30 mins per turn.

8) Check the internal temperature and once it hits 125f, you’ve got yourself the rare to medium rare, take it off and let it rest.

9) Serve alongside a cucumber and spinach salad with a generous addition of the chimichuri for that zesty, fresh, kick.

Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.⠀